April 2, 2020

Get Small Business Loans Faster with an SBA Preferred Lender

The SBA designates certain lenders as SBA Preferred. These lenders have a faster, streamlined process that gives them the authority to make the final credit decision.

Fortunately, Tulsa FCU is an SBA Preferred lender and that means several benefits that non-preferred lenders do not offer.

  • SBA Express loan requests are approved in-house, reducing turnaround time, possibly by weeks
  • An ongoing, proven relationship with the SBA and historical knowledge of how to work efficiently with the organization
  • Loans from SBA lenders may offer longer repayment terms and lower payments.

Preferred lender designation at the SBA is limited to lenders who have a record of processing and servicing loans successfully with the SBA. The organization also takes into account each financial institution’s overall performance, loan volume, and knowledge of SBA policies and procedures.

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