How to Set Up DirectConnect

Sync Quickbooks/Quicken with Tulsa FCU Accounts

Before you get started, make sure you have a Tulsa FCU online banking account set up. You’ll need your Tulsa FCU username and password to establish the connection.

  1. Go to the Banking page of your Quickbooks or Quicken account.
  2. Click the Add Account button.
  3. Quicken users will be prompted to Select an Account Type.
  4. Start typing “Tulsa Federal Credit Union” into the search bar that appears
  5. Choose “Tulsa Federal Credit Union” from the list of financial institutions
  6. Enter your Tulsa FCU Online Banking ID and Password. Your ID may be your Tulsa FCU member number or a username you previously chose for Tulsa FCU Online Banking.
  7. Select Connect. QuickBooks/Quicken will connect to our Online Banking server.
  8. Select the Account you want to connect to QuickBooks/Quicken.
  9. Select Finish after the process completes.

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