Getting Started

Simply select the Money Management tab on your online or mobile banking app. Using smart and secure technology, money management seamlessly connects all of your accounts in one place so you can view and manage your complete financial picture.

Accounts Overview

You can use Money Management to monitor financial activity across all your accounts in one place, simplifying the way you track your finances. Accounts can be linked from most financial institutions.

Transactions Overview

The Transactions tab provides a consolidated list of your recent transactions from all accounts. They are automatically cleaned and categorized to make them easier for you to review and manage.

Budgets Overview

Budgets can help you set realistic monthly spending limits and avoid exceeding those limits. The Budgets tab draws your eye to the areas that need your attention the most: big bubbles represent a larger portion of your monthly budget, and red bubbles have exceeded their monthly allowance.

Spending Overview

The Spending tab shows you where your money is going, by category, so you can better understand your spending habits and stay on track.

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Debt Overview

The Debts tab is a powerful tool that allows you to see all of your debts in one place and create an expedited payoff plan.

Net Worth Overview

The Net Worth tab tracks the sum of all your assets and liabilities providing you with accurate historical insights.

Goals Overview

The Goals tab helps you make saving, payoff loan and retirement plans and provides you with a visualize timeline for short and long-term planning.