Debit Card Features


Each Tulsa FCU debit card is equipped with an EMV chip which provides increased security capabilities to protect your private data.

What is An EMV Chip?

Visa's Zero Liability Protection

Visa's guarantee that you will not be held responsible for fraudulent purchases made with your debit card.

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Track Spending

With our free online banking platform, set budgets, view pending transactions, and check balances any time.

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Mobile Wallet Compatible

Use your smartphone like a debit card with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

How Does This Work?

Account Alerts

Receive custom, real-time alerts for your Tulsa FCU Visa® Debit Card. Log in to Online Banking and choose "Alerts" to get started.

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Purchase Rewards

Earn Rewards with Your Tulsa FCU Debit Card

Cash Back Rewards turns your Tulsa FCU debit card into a multi-store rewards card. See your offers by logging into Online Banking and look for "Cash Back Rewards."

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Don't Have a Checking Acccount?

Apply for a Tulsa FCU checking account and your free debit card is included.