Overdraft Protection vs. NuPal

At Tulsa FCU, we understand that mistakes happen. Sometimes there isn’t enough money in your account to cover a transaction, bill or payment. That’s why we offer Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service (Courtesy Pay) to protect you against the occasional overdraft. Generally, it is better and less expensive to use Courtesy Pay than the late payments and additional fees resulting from a transaction being denied or returned.

There is no cost to have Courtesy Pay protection on your account. However, if your account is overdrawn, our standard overdraft fee will apply. For example, if your account experiences six (6) overdrafts in a year, your account would be charged $30 per item resulting in a total of $180 for the year. As a benefit to our members, we may waive this fee if your account does not fall below a negative $10.

You are under no obligation to participate in Courtesy Pay. By opting out of this service, you understand that if an overdraft occurs, Tulsa FCU may deny authorization or payment of these items which could result in additional expenses, embarrassment and possible account closure.

Tulsa FCU also offers another line of overdraft protection called NuPal. NuPal is a pre-approved overdraft line of credit. If you qualify for this optional service, you may save money on the total fees you’d pay for overdraft services. For example: If you write a check for $200 and only have $150 in your account, your NuPal account will cover the remaining $50.

Members can also use their NuPal as a personal line of credit. There are two ways to access your line of credit – by making a cash withdrawal through the teller line or by writing a check from your account. Members can pay off their NuPal balance all at once or by monthly payments based on the balance.

A member may have both, Courtesy Pay and NuPal, on their account. In this case, the NuPal balance will be used before Courtesy Pay applies.