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Debit Cards

Debit Cards Allow You to Access and Manage Your Money With Ease

  • Safely Make Purchases
  • Use your Tulsa FCU Debit Card worry-free. Unlike cash, your Tulsa FCU Debit Cards can be replaced if lost or stolen and protected from fraudulent charges. Each Tulsa FCU debit card is equipped with an EMV chip which provides increased security capabilities that prevent breached data.
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  • Track Purchases
  • Online Banking and your debit card are a perfect match for budgeting your account. With our free online banking platform, you can view pending transactions and balances from anywhere, on your time making it easier to keep track of your money.
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  • Mobile Wallet Capabilities
  • Mobile payment options like Apple Pay and Samsung pay makes access your money without the hassle of carrying physical cards. Additionally, they are more secure than carrying cards in your wallet with extra layers of security.
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  • In three swift steps you can start receiving real-time alerts for your Tulsa FCU Visa Debit Card. Customization notification preferences makes managing your money easy and convenient.
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Pick the Debit Card to Accent Your Wallet

Having a reliable, convenient and secure way to access your money is important. More importantly is having a sound financial partner there when you need them. That’s what you get when you sport a Tulsa FCU debit card in your wallet, confidence that you’re in good hands.

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Use Your Visa Debit Card at ATMs Nationwide

Our Visa Debit Cards offer surcharge-free services at Tulsa FCU ATMs and In-Network TransFund machines.

A $1.50 Out-of-Network Transaction Fee will be charged for each ATM withdrawal from a non-Tulsa FCU ATM or Out-of-Network TransFund ATM. Please note, in using an Out-of-Network ATM, some systems may charge an additional surcharge.