Online Banking Tutorials

These tutorials offer step-by-step instructions on using the features of our Online Banking platform. If these guides do not answer your questions, please see our FAQs page or contact our Member Care Call Center at 918.610.0200.

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Online Banking Basics

Learn how to check your balance, view your transaction history, and print your statements.

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Security Authentication

How to verify your account via phone or email when you first login.

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Internal and External Transfers

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FinanceWorks Budgeting Tool

How to setup the budgeting tool to track your spending, set savings goals, manage your transactions, and set alerts.

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Sharing Account Access

How to share your account access with someone you trust so you can grant certain permissions without having to give away your master username and password.

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How to Start Using Bill Pay

For an interactive tutorial on how to set up payees, schedule automatic payments, and review past payments, just click “Get Started.”

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Popmoney makes it simple to send and receive money directly from your primary accounts, create individual and group payment requests, send money using your email address, mobile phone number or account number, and choose the time of delivery to meet your transfer needs.

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iPhone App

A quick tour of the iPhone banking app.

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iPad App

A quick tour of the iPad banking app.

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Android App

A quick tour of the Android banking app.

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Small Business Payments

How to setup payments on your Small Business account.

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