Money Management Portal

Money Management

Our Online Banking platform includes a powerful Money Management portal, which will give you a clear picture of your finances on a single page. Just click on the Money Management tab in your Online Banking account to experience it for yourself.


  • Transactions are automatically categorized to make budgeting easier
  • Re-categorize, add sub-categories, and split transactions into multiple categories if needed


  • Track all of your accounts in one place
  • Add external accounts, including retirement, loans, and investment accounts
  • Add assets, such as real estate and vehicles
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  • Alerts will go to your Notifications list on the Online Banking platform and can be sent to you via email or text as well
  • Set up either Simple Alerts or Detailed Alerts
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  • Visualize your spending percentages in pie chart format
  • Spending can be broken down and viewed at the sub-category level
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  • Automatically creates your first budget based on past 90 days of spending
  • See color-coded, graphical display of budgets to check your spending at a glance
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  • Track spending in each category over months or even years
  • Visually compare spending and income
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  • Analyze and prioritize paying off debts based on your chosen criteria
  • Automatically caleculate when you will be debt-free based on your current payment settings
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Net Worth

  • Track the net sum of all assets and liabilities
  • Monitor your overall financial progress
  • Drill down to see what makes up your gains and losses
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  • Set savings, debt, and retirement goals
  • Set how much you’ll put toward each goal every month
  • Change amounts to see how long it will take you to reach each goal