Tulsa Federal Credit Union holds itself to a high standard as a business leader in the community and is committed to sponsoring events and causes that enhance the quality of life in communities we serve. From volunteerism to community sponsorships, our employees strive to make a difference every day.

Sponsorship Guidelines*:

  • The requesting organization must be a 501(C)(3).
  • Support the development of and/or benefit the seven-county communities we service.
  • Create a positive image in the community.
  • Create positive recognition for Tulsa Federal Credit Union.
  • Application was sent before required timeline deadline.
  • The event or organization aligns with our vision, mission, and values.

We encourage our employees to make a difference in the community. Many of our employees are eager to volunteer but may need help being placed with an organization that are passionate about or discovering new opportunities. In considering sponsorship proposals, we will consider organizations that have opportunities for our employees to serve on a committee or board. Donations/sponsorships cannot be made to individuals for living subsidies, religious organizations/churches for a religious purpose, or political candidates. Each sponsorship request is carefully evaluated on an individual basis.

Sponsorships are given on a corporate level. Individual Tulsa FCU branches still retain their ability to participate in and sponsor their own local events. Tulsa FCU’s corporate involvement (be it monetary or volunteerism) is decided by a majority vote during Charitable Committee meetings. Final decisions on all sponsorships are made by the Tulsa FCU executive team.


To apply for a corporate sponsorship you must:

  1. Complete the Charitable Application and send it via email to the Charitable Committee (charities@tulsafederalcu.org).
  2. If the application follows all above guidelines, it will be presented during the committee’s next monthly meeting.
  3. Committee will approve or deny the sponsorship.
  4. Applicant is notified of committee decision.
  5.  Application Deadlines are as follows:
 Date of Event Submittal Date Committee Meeting Date
 January  October 31  November
 February  November 30  December
 March  December 31 January
 April January 31 February
 May February 28 March
 June  March 31 April
 July  April 30 May
 August May 31 June
September June 30 July
October July 31 August
November August 31 September
December September 30 October


*We have partnered with many charitable organizations throughout the years. We recognize that most requests for sponsorships are valid and merit our support. However, each year the request for sponsorships grow, especially as we continue to expand its member base. However, it is our fiduciary responsibility to not surpass our budgeted resources.