Update: The card lists from Visa regarding affected account in the security breach at Target stores have now been made available to Tulsa Federal Credit Union.  If your card is on one of the lists, you will be contacted directly by our credit card or payment services department concerning your options and course of action.   Please be diligent and watch for any activity on your account that you are not familiar with.  If you find any unauthorized transactions on your credit card contact our Falcon fraud at 888-918-7312.  If you find any unauthorized transactions on your debit card contact the payment services department at 918-610-0200.

Tulsa Federal CU is committed to safeguarding the security of our members. At this time we are investigating this situation and its impact on our members. Transfund is in the process of sending us a list of “cards” that may be affected. As we collect more information we will take the additional steps needed. Contact us immediately if you see any fraudulent charges on your account. All fraudulent charges specifically related to this event will be reimbursed. We do not recommend members replace their cards at this time. If you have concerns please call 918.610.0200 or stop by a nearby branch today. For more information: https://corporate.target.com/discover/article/Important-Notice-Unauthorized-access-to-payment-ca?intc=importantguestinfo