Credit and PIN Transactions Now Available

New Federal guidelines were recently enacted that require financial institutions to provide for two processing methods for debit cards, either a credit transaction or a PIN transaction.

This change really doesn’t affect the way you use your debit card, it just allows you a choice. The current credit method of swipe, press credit, then sign for your purchase still works. With the PIN transaction you, swipe, enter your PIN and your transaction is complete, no signature required. The PIN you use for debit card transactions is the same as the PIN you use at an ATM.

If you choose to use the PIN method for purchases, you may request cash back as part of the transaction. For example, if your purchase is $80, you can instruct the merchant to process the transaction at $100 and give you $20 cash back. Remember that not all merchants will allow cash back on PIN transactions, so check before you swipe.

Credit or PIN, the choice is up to you.